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We were all thankful there was room for dessert

by RedHeadBaker, in: Cakes, Pies, Tortes and roulades

As often – and happily – happens I am responsible for dessert at family functions. And I admit to using my family as guinea pigs for new recipes.

For Thanksgiving 2008 I really wanted to use the flavors of the season, but didn’t want to make a pumpkin pie. So I made a pumpkin roulade – as seen on Food Network, recipe stored here. Instead of ginger, I made an orange-vanilla bean filling, which was light and complimented the spicy pumpkin cake perfectly.

I also made a double crust, apple-pear-fresh cranberry pie. And cut little leaves out of extra pie dough for special holiday ornamentation. Both were delicious!


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Fresh fruit rules

by RedHeadBaker, in: Pies, Tarts

This was the first time I was able to use fresh apricots for my frangipane tart, on a visit to Phoenix in 2005 … and I won’t ever use canned ‘cots again!


Instead I adapt the tart to whatever fresh fruit is seasonally available (and preferably local, too). The crust is a pate sucree, filled with an almond frangipane, and then “stuffed” with fresh apricots. The tart fruit is tempered with an apricot jam glaze, but still retains that wonderful apricot flavor without being too sweet.


Recipe can be found here

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Sweet fall treat

by RedHeadBaker, in: Pies and pastries, Tarts

I adapted the fabulous apricot almond frangipane tart for all seasons, and – apricots aside – the pears might just be my favorite.


The trick is to slice the pear really, really thin. For one tart I usually only need half to two-thirds of one pear. Use fruit that is really ripe.


This tart is made with a pate sucre (a cross between a pie dough and a sugar cookie) and filled with an almond frangipane (basically ground almonds, sugar, and butter!). The thinly slices fruit can then be arranged however you want. I like the fan/flower presentation for pears (or any other sliced fruit like apples or peaches) best.


Recipe can be found here, just replace your favorite pear for the apricots.

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Matt’s pie-tastic 30th birthday

So, my sweetie doesn’t like cake (too many store bought, shortening specials when he was little). For his 30th I made him four pies, all different and all a pie variety.

A classic double crust apple pie, with a sugared crust

Apricot almond frangipane tart, made with fresh apricots

Strawberry rhubarb galette, a rustic French tart

Mixed berry crisp, with raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries

An impressive display of pies!


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